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Ping’s Menu Insight – Top 3 dishes

Chi Kitchen is proud to take influence for many of our dishes from Malaysia, with authentic recipes and options across the menu. Our consultant Chef Ping, who won MasterChef in 2014, has embraced the opportunity to spread the knowledge of her native Malaysian cuisine, and has worked around the world as a Malaysia Kitchen Ambassador. Chi Kitchen is Ping’s first restaurant project and she has worked with the team to develop our offering of delicious, contemporary Malaysian dishes. Here we spoke to her about her 3 favourite options on offer:


Chi Kitchen Laksa

Ping, what makes Chi Kitchen Laksa different from original Laksa?

“Our Laksa at Chi Kitchen is made with intense and aromatic paste. It’s spicy, fragrant and creamy at the same time.”

What are the main ingredients in the Laksa?

“The paste is made from a great blend of lemongrass, chillies, galangal & shrimp paste”

What is the most authentically Malaysian ingredient for Laksa?

“Laksa leaf (called Daun Kusom in Malay) which gives the dish more fragrance.”

If customers what to cook Laksa at home, where is the best place to find the ingredients?

“Any oriental supermarket or online, there are some great options all over London”  



Nasi Lemak

Could you please explain in details of all ingredients contains in Nasi Lemak?

“Nasi Lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan served with a fiery and aromatic sambal along with crispy anchovies, hard boiled eggs, peanuts and cucumber. At Chi Kitchen we serve our Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry too”


What is the most important ingredients in Nasi Lemak that will make our dish stand out from other recipes?

“Nasi Lemak must contain the above ingredients which make it a unique dish to eat. The chicken curry is optional”


What is the most important method that we must aware when we cook Nasi Lemak?

“The balance of coconut milk & water when cooking the rice. Also the Sambal must not be too spicy or too bland.”

Why is Nasi Lemak served on a banana leaf?

“In Malaysia where banana leaves are in abundance, we use it to add fragrance to the dish. In the UK, they are expensive to obtain so therefore optional.”


What are your top tips to cook coconut rice?

“Make sure the ratio of water, coconut milk and rice is right. I usually do half water & half coconut milk, mix together and add to rice with a large pinch of salt and a thick knob of ginger. Make sure the liquid reach the first knuckle of your pinky finger when rested above the rice. Then nestle in the pandan leaves.”


Teh Tarik

What kind of tea do we use to make teh tarik?

“BOH tea which originates from Malaysia”

What makes Teh Tarik special and different from others tea?

“Teh Tarik means pulled tea. The black tea is mixed condensed & evaporated milk then is poured at a great height between two jugs to create a frothy creamy tea. “



Come on in to try these options out for yourself, as well as many more. Do check out our full menu, location, opening times and further blog posts on our website as well as’ to explore more!